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Tealing School's Eco Council Unanimously Votes To Set Up Dew Refill Station

Ecoanolytes Limited of Dundee and Tealing Primary School are delighted to announce the launch of their joint initiative to reduce plastic waste and the use of toxic and harmful chemicals in the home and at school.

The school eco council unanimously voted to set up a DEW refill station following a workshop with the team from DEW products.

The project invites parents and friends to purchase DEW product and refills through the school, which in turn generates a donation equivalent to 30% of the sale value to school eco council projects.

Refills cost as little as 40p, saving parents money, reducing plastic and toxic chemical waste.

DEW products are made utilising Electrolysed water, a safe effective technology for cleaning and disinfecting. Its only ingredients are water and a little salt and a small amount of electricity. DEW products are at least 30 times more effective than household bleach while being very safe.

Head Teacher Michael Smith said: “The installation of our DEW refill station is the latest initiative from the school’s eco council.

"Our young people are taking classroom teachings into the wider community in a practical way.

"I am delighted with the response from parents who are supporting this amazing new project. All monies raised are being used to support the eco council activities.”

CEO Erik Smyth said: “It has become abundantly clear that we all have an obligation to address the problems of pollution.

"Working with the young people on the eco council at Tealing primary, has been inspiring and we intend to expand our efforts to engage and enable more young people to participate in the same way, so we look forward to working with more schools in the near future.”

Erik also confirmed that the project has had great support from Scottish Enterprise and Zero Waste Scotland.

It is estimated that, on average, for every litre dispensed by the Refill Station, 1Kg of carbon will be saved. Tealing primary school will save over 16 Kgs on their first refill supply.

For anyone interested in knowing more about how these Refill Stations work, please contact Ecoanolytes at

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