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Dew Products Are Now On QVC

QVC combines online shopping, social media and live TV to create an engaging and different way to shop for millions of customers. With over 1,100 brands across Fashion, Beauty, Homes and Garden; QVC UK offers exciting products from exclusive brands.

This year, Dew Products has a couple of amazing products available to purchase on QVC. Erik Smyth had a great time showcasing the amazing Superclean & Disinfect SuperHygiene to their audience, explaining how each one functions, what motivated their creation, and how they might improve your daily life.

He spent a few days at the QVC studios and offices in London last year. Several products from the Homecare Collection were highlighted in his hourly section, such as the Disinfect SuperHygiene Spray and the Superclean Fragrance Free and Passion Fruit & Mango All-Purpose Cleaners.

Check out the QVC website to see some demonstration videos of the products. Hopefully you can see first hand how these products will Enhance your home cleaning routine. Simply purchase the Superclean All-Purpose Cleaner, an all-purpose, multi-surface cleaner and degreaser that helps to remove oil, tough stains, and more, comes in two bottles in your choice of fragrance. A pair of SuperHygiene Disinfect Sprays, which work on all kitchen and bathroom surfaces, are also included in the package. These products, which are a mix of safe, family-friendly ingredients, will be a great addition to your cleaning arsenal.

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