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Misting Or Fogging: Which Is For Me?

Many infectious diseases are transmitted through the air.

So the ability to destroy germs and viruses in the air is vital to keeping the air your breathe safe.

At Dew, we have our misting devices, our cordless fogging machine or our plug-in electric fogging machine.

These offer you the flexibility to work in a way that suits you.

And all this without the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) or the evacuation of the premises.

The solution

All of these devices use Dew Mist, our specially formulated disinfectant solution.

Made with water, salt and a bit of science, it is 99.995% effective at destroying germs and viruses.

Its formulation is designed specifically to destroy the cell walls of viruses and bacteria, eliminating them while remaining gentle to you and your skin.

There are no harsh chemicals, and it is free from fragrance, alcohol and parabens.

Despite being so effective, Dew breaks down to salt and water after use, leaving behind nothing that could harm people, pets or the planet.

Which one for me?

So, the active ingredient is the same. What about the difference in the devices?

Misting devices are generally used on a continuous or semi-continuous operational basis, in spaces that are usually confined.

Whereas fogging machines are generally used in short bursts, primarily to achieve rapid decontamination.

Misting devices

You would use Dew misting devices to treat the air and surfaces in an immediate area.

This would be where continuous sanitisation is required, so say around a desk, or in a room or a car.

The mister generally produces smaller droplets than a fogging, typically about 10 microns (that’s a millionth of a metre) in diameter.

And the force with which these are delivered is low, so the droplets travel a limited distance. They also make for a “dry” mist that doesn’t make surfaces damp.

Activities can carry on more or less as normal or with a much reduced downtime compared to fogging. Electronic devices should not be affected.

Our Dew misting devices can be free-standing for flexibility, or wall-mounted, if coverage is required over a larger area, such as a small office.

They offer flexibility with three levels of mist control, as well as having a timer and the ability to control remotely through an app.

Fogging machines

Dew fogging machines are more suitable for rapid decontamination and for spaces with high ceiling and/or large volumes.

Typically they produce a fog with larger droplets than a mister and with greater force, enabling a much larger area to be rapidly decontaminated.

The potential downside is that most surfaces are likely to be covered in condensation, which may need to be dealt with.

Our plug-in electric fogging machine uses an ultra low volume (ULV) nebuliser, coupled with an adjustable nozzle, to create droplets within a range of 10 to 50 microns.

This allows you maximum flexibility to adjust its operation to each specific application.

Using larger droplets (greater than 20 microns) lets you decontaminate  larger enclosed spaces – think atriums and warehouses -  but will typically create a wet fog.

Keeping the droplets small, will reduce coverage, but you’ll get a dry fog.

In all cases, these droplets are dispersed, disinfecting the air, then slowly falling to disinfect every surface on which they land.

This gives you a hygienically clean space where bacteria, spores, viruses, pollen etc. have been purged from the air.


Meanwhile, our cordless fogging machine gives you the flexibility of up to 40 minutes of continuous fogging time with only three hours of charge time.

Its advanced 12V DC motor uses the latest in battery technology and has a two speed control and an adjustable nozzle producing droplet sizes between 5 and 30 microns.

Thanks to its compact design, this fogger is ideal for spraying in smaller spaces including domestic properties as well as food preparation areas, car valets and offices. In addition, the power can be halved reducing noise levels, which is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.


So, if you understand the application, it will help you determine your droplet size and help you understand what type of machine you need.

Our misting machines are light and easy to use with the flexibility of timers and remote operation. They won’t hold up your operations, they don’t need PPE and they will keep the air you breathe clean, safe and sanitised.

If you want a more intensive sanitising of your space, then choose our plug-in electric ULV fogging machine.

Every surface will be disinfected as well as cleaning the air itself, keeping it free from bacteria, spores, viruses and pollen.

And combing the flexibility of misting with a more intensive sanitising for smaller spaces, we have our cordless fogging machine. It gives you the flexibility of up to 40 minutes of continuous fogging time with only three hours of charge time.

Need any more advice about misting, fogging or any of our Dew products? Get in touch and we will happily guide you to finding the perfect product.

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