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HOCI Based Sanitisers Receives The Thumbs Up On The Radio

BBC Radio 2

It was great to hear hypochlorous acid (HOCl) being mentioned on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show during the week (Tuesday 27th July). They were discussing the impact of chemicals in some hand sanitisers and if they could be harmful or contain endocrine disrupting chemicals. The good news is that Dew Hand Sanitiser doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and Dew’s active ingredient is HOCI, which NHS Dr Sarah Jarvis said, ‘effective alternatives are hypochlorous acid, now that sounds horrible but it’s actually made naturally by our bodies, it’s what your own white cells make in order to disrupt the cell membranes of viruses, so completely natural and with 300 PPM (parts per million) you can have something that’s kinder to your hands but doesn’t contain alcohol’.

HOCI is the active ingredient in electrolysed water, which is what our Dew range is made from. Electrolysed water is made when electricity is used to change the chemical structure of salt and water into an environmentally green cleaner which is 30 times more effective than bleach. HOCI is becoming more popular and it’s great to see companies using it for baby sterilising fluids, antiseptic spray, within the food industry and a host of other applications. If you suffered from dry hands due to alcohol based sanitisers, then try ours, it’s a kinder alternative for your skin.

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