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Good Housekeeping Endorsement Recognises Green Initiatives

Dew Products is celebrating the recognition of its sustainability initiatives by one of the world’s leading consumer panels.

The Good Housekeeping Institute has awarded the company its “Getting Greener” accreditation for its carbon-saving achievements.

Dew, based in Dundee, has developed the science behind electrolysed water to create the range of cleaning and sanitising products.

The accreditation recognises not only its efforts to reduce waste in its packaging design and processes but also its campaigning to reduce carbon through its refill initiatives.


Sustainability has been a key driver for the brand since it was launched in 2018, with every container being recyclable, refillable and reusable.

A network of local refill stations across the UK cut down on the CO2 emissions generated by transportation and the production of new packaging.

The sanitiser is 99.995% effective in killing bacteria and viruses, but none of the range contains any harsh chemicals, and all are free from fragrance, alcohol and parabens.

After use, the products break down to salt and water, leaving nothing behind that could harm the user or the environment.

Carbon reduction

Erik Smith, chief executive officer at Dew, said: “We are delighted that the Good Housekeeping Institute has recognised all our carbon reduction efforts with this endorsement.

“Sustainability is such an important part of our company’s ethos and we place great weight on our refill initiative.

“It has been calculated that for every litre of Dew that is refilled, there is a carbon saving of 1kg.

“And the timing of the accreditation is great. We’ve just announced that all our five-litre refill containers are now made from 100% recycled polymers, and we’re hoping to roll this out across the whole range.

“We really do believe that no matter whether we’re a consumer or a business, we can work together to fight plastic pollution and reduce our carbon footprints.”


The report recorded: “Dew has many applaudable sustainability initiatives from design, to packaging and further partnerships.

“It is fantastic to see a product considering carbon emissions through every step of the products’ journey and we are thrilled to be highlighting the ‘Refill and Reduce Carbon’ initiative.”

The Good Housekeeping Institute has been a trusted source for the best and most reliable products in the consumer market for almost 100 years.

The Getting Greener accreditation was launched in 2019 to highlight the green strengths of brands and products.

It recognises those that are making sustainable steps forward, from greener packaging, to eco-friendly materials or ingredients, items designed to save energy or environmental innovation.

The endorsement acknowledges the positive steps forward that many companies are taking to aid and protect our environment.

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