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Dew Gains Halal Status

Dew products are now proudly certified halal.

Having looked at the composition and manufacturing processes of Dew Products, the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) has confirmed that the entire product range is halal-compliant.

Many sanitising products contain alcohol, the use of which as an ingredient is against the teachings of the Islamic holy faith.

Our entire range is completely free from alcohol and Dew products contains only salt, water and a bit of science.

Our products provide more protection in the fight against germs and viruses than an alcohol-based sanitising product.

Viruses without a “viral envelope”, such as the common cold, can be resistant to alcohol. Dew is 99.995% effective at destroying both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.

Traditional disinfectants, such as chlorine and bleach, are effective at killing germs but bring their own problems. They can exacerbate skin complaints and respiratory issues, as well as having an adverse effect on the environment.

Dew CEO Erik Smyth said: “We are really pleased that HMC  has certified  our products as being halal.

“It is important to us that all communities can have the confidence to use our products, knowing that they will not only keep them safe but allow them to follow their religious beliefs.

“Our products contain no harsh chemicals, and are free from fragrance, alcohol and parabens.

“As well as being compatible with your skin’s pH, they are also vegan-friendly and kinder to the environment.

“We are proud of our claim to be the world’s kindest cleaning products.”

The Halal Monitoring Committee is an independent, not-for-profit, registered charity which monitors, inspects and certifies the halal status of products for the benefit of the Muslim community.

Originally established to help ensure that all Muslims could be confident that the meat and poultry products they consume are genuinely halal, the HMC has extended its remit to include a variety of non-food stuffs too.

Today, the HMC is the most trusted organisation in the UK with the support of over 600 mosques due to the rigid processes in place to ensure transparency of halal products.

All Dew disinfection products have successfully been tested to BS EN (European Standard) testing protocols.

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